Stretch Yourself for Success!

Hey Writers!
I’m a big fan of stretchin’ my own creative muscles, and I encourage artists to do the same.


Painters should try a little sculpting.  Stage actors should try a little film work.


And playwrights should try writing for other mediums as well.


Not only does trying something different exercise and strengthen different muscles (writing for film will make you focus on visuals and “action” as opposed to the character work you need more of on the stage), but it’ll also give your mind a creative respite from doing the same type of work over and over.


That’s why each one of you playwrights out there should try your hand at a screenplay, or better a TV show (because they are shorter!).


And something tells me that most of you have ideas for film or TV already, right?  So why not take this opportunity to put one down on paper.


I know, it’s hard, without a specific deadline or goal, right?  Hard for me too.


So I got one for you!


The best television festival in the industry, the New York TV Festival, just opened their “script competition” and their deadline is almost exactly one month from now!


You can find out all the details here, but they are accepting open submissions of original comedy or drama scripts from now through May 16th!


You’ve got a month . . . ready, set, write!


Will you get in?  Who knows.  But I guarantee you that you will definitely NOT get in if you don’t try.


But even if you don’t get in, I can guarantee you this.  You’ll be a better writer when you’re done.


And you’ll also have another something that you can sell.


Go get ’em!


P.S. The best compliment you can give me is sharing this post with a friend.  Thanks in advance.

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