Strike Thought of the Day: What’s wrong with a little therapy?

something to consider as all of you contemplate which “side” you’re
on in regards to the current Broadway Stagehands strike.

The mayor of
New York City offered to provide both the League and Stagehands with a mediator
as well as neutral territory to help bring this strike to a quicker
resolution.  You might recall that his help was instrumental in ending the
Local 802 strike in 2003.

Local 1
continues to refuse his offer of assistance.

The League has
welcomed his help.

Hmmmm . . .

Why would the
Stagehands not welcome an objective party to help bring these two organizations
closer together which would put people back to work faster and satisfy
thousands of theatergoers sooner? 

Could it be
that they are afraid that an objective and impartial mediator would take a look
at their demands and current work rules and advise them that what they are
striking for is not fair in the current economic climate on Broadway and in the
United States?

If this
contract negotiation were like a marriage going through a troubled time, then
Local 1 would be the stubborn husband who refuses to go to therapy.
What’s wrong with talking to someone, Local 1?  It’s just a therapist.
They don’t bite.  Although, if you have cheated on your partner, then you
may end up sweating a bit . . .

This marriage
needs help.  Divorce isn’t an option.  Both parties have kids to
think about.  And those kids really, really want to see The Little

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