The Man With America Skin – Auditions


Blue Fire Productions is presenting “The Man With America Skin” at the American Theatre of Actors this August through the Araca Project. The company is currently seeking actors for this innovative new work.


Touch: Middle aged. A broken man, shadowed dream of his former self. Not a shell of a man, rather the pared down, rubbed raw pulp of what he’s become. Paranoid beyond reason, self imprisoned. He searches for a light and a truth that he does not want to find. A true artist, awakening into his voice as the play progresses.

Mars: 20’s. brazen, brash, and loud. Mars is a tester, a button pusher. He questions like a child and is wise beyond his years. Seeks a bit of a father in Touch, but also seeks a mirror, a friend, a caretaker… some one to tell him he’s alive. He has seen horrible things. An intellectual with a heart and a story to tell, also awakening.

* Both men are dreamers and alone, unsatisfied with the daily trappings of American life. Both know there is something more. Both have damaged people close to them. Both feel as if they were once good, well and happy, but aren’t sure if it was a dream or not.

Therapist (voice-over only): Female, of ambiguous age. Assertive, the most grounded of the bunch. Struggles to help the sometimes too-smart Touch.


“Somewhere in the midst of a wasted Americana, a paranoid artist has spent a year (or was it nine?) alone, trying to pull himself together after leaving his family. The arrival of a soldier, back covered in shrapnel scars, shakes up his world and begins to pull him from the depths. Together, they convert the boarded up house into a camera obscura, watching the world through a bullet hole, and healing each other. Time-bending narrative and poetic interludes drive this new play.”


July 20-August 15th


August 16 – August 26th

Non-AEA and SAG-AFTRA welcome. Stipend.

Auditions will be held at the Manhattan Theatre Club Studios (311 W 43rd Street, 8th Floor) on Friday June 8th, Saturday June 9th, and Sunday June 10th by appointment ONLY. Please email your headshot and resume to Audition materials will be provided upon appointment.

For more information, please visit our website:

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