[The Streaming Stage] Event #1: Wine Tasting with “Mean Girl”, Kate Rockwell

Earlier this week, I announced that I was about to jump in head first into the Live Streaming Event Market.  
Some of you emailed and said, “Ken you’ve been doing this since Daddy Long Legs? And what about your 70+ episodes of your livestream? Aren’t you already in it?”
I guess I didn’t realize I was.
But this is different.
This is the Online Theater market. Yep, that’s right, it’s theater, but it’s online. It’s its own unique art form. A little Broadway. A little Twitch. And all about you.
So I’ve started to roll out events, and like everything I do, I’ll let you know about ’em first, right here on this blog. And all you have to do is keep watching this space and I’ll keep you informed. (You can also sign up here – which is what will be the FIRST email list dedicated to Online Theater events only.) And the cool thing about these Streaming Stage events I’m producing is that you are helping to support the all the TheaterMakers working on them, and at a time when it’s the only Theater they can make!
And now I’m proud to announce the first event! And tell you the story behind it.  (And yes, as you guessed from the headline of this blog, we’re going to keep count of these events, and see how many I do!)
I’ve known Broadway star Kate Rockwell for years. I’ve been a fan of hers since she was on the Grease reality show, “You’re The One That I Want.” I’ve seen her in Bring it On, Rock of Ages, Mean Girls (I mean, that Karen!) and everything else she’s done. And I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to hang with her outside the theater as well, and am honored to call her a friend. (Truth is, like most of the people in my life – Kate and her also cool husband Spencer, were friends with my very friendly wife first – and I got the friendship through association.)
Every time I hang with Kate (including on my livestream), I have a blast. She’s funny. She’s smart. And get this . . . she’s an effin’ wine expert. She’s WSET-certified, and spent years working in the wine industry (before she was the Broadway star we all know and love.)
When I found this out, I hired her to do VIRTUAL wine tasting event for my investors and for members of my TheaterMakersStudio. I had so much fun . . . and I don’t even drink! And when it was over, several of the folks online said, “Do you do this for parties?” Come to find out yeah, she does! (I told you she was smart.) In fact, she has her own brand called, “The Broadway Wino”!
So we’re throwing one of those Virtual Wine Tasting Private Parties and you are invited.
It’s on Saturday, October 17th at 7 PM. In the hour-long event, Kate will take your wine tasting to the next level, talk some Broadway, and expect a special surprise guest to show up as well!
It’s $15. Or you can get a package that includes the 2 bottles of wine Kate will be tasting for $65. (Oh, and here’s the cool thing about virtual events. You only have to pay once for your whole family. So yeah, if you and your partner, spouse, kids over 21 that are living at home with you because we’re in a pandemic, all want to join? It’s only $15.
You can get your ticket here.
See you there!

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