The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Free Admission to TedX Broadway!

We’re 8 days and counting from the first ever TedX Broadway.

All of you should be going . . . and one of you, is going for free!

(If you don’t know what Ted is, check out Seth Godin’s blog about it just the other day.  If you don’t know who Seth is, then read this book, and watch your marketing/product development improve.)

On Monday, January 23rd, a few colleagues and I have asked a whole gaggle of super smart people to get together and answer this question, “What’s the best Broadway can be in 20 years?”  We have pricing experts, performance experts, audience experts . . . and even a few exclusive video appearances from Neil Patrick “I can host anything you can host better” Harris.  It’s going to be great . . . and I have a feeling we’ll all leave super excited about where we’re headed over the next 20 years.

You can read all about it, see some of the speakers and performers, and buy tickets (and there aren’t that many left) here.

(And there are also just 1-2 small sponsorship slots open as well, so if you or your co. is interested, email me.)

But how do you win the free ticket I’m giving away?

Start a sentence with the phrase, “In 20 years . . . ” and finish it by telling me one thing that will be different about Broadway in 20 years.

For example . . . In 20 years, eight shows a week will no longer be the norm.  In fact there won’t be a norm. Some will do ten, some will do nine, others will do four.

Ok?  Comment below and I’ll pick a winner.  And who knows, maybe we’ll incorporate the answers into the conference!


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