Who won the tickets to Assistance at Playwrights Horizon?

This Giveway could have been source material for that movie, Horrible Bosses!

Man, you guys have done some crazy things.   Some of my favorites include dressing up like Marilyn Monroe to promote a textbook on biology, stealing Xmas decorations from Starbucks, and calling an ex-wife to tell her she was getting a lower “allowance” this year.  (You can read the full list here.)

But the big winner was Mahesh Grossman!

Mahesh’s story goes like this:

I worked for a Broadway producer in 1983 who worked at home. One day I called in sick with a terrible cold– and she asked me to come in and stay in her bed with a pitcher of orange juice on the nightstand and answer the phone while she was out all day.

I mean, yikes.  That is tough.  And a little bit creepy.

For suffering through that, Mahesh, you win two tickets to see Assistance!  (And I’m sorry that I can’t throw in some therapy with it.)

Email me to set up the tickets!  And for the rest of you, please remember, revenge is not worth 5-10 on Rikers Island.

See you for the next giveaway tomorrow!

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