The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Fuerza Bruta Wayra Off Broadway!

Bruta is back!

In case you missed the Off Broadway sensation Fuerza Bruta the first time it came around, well, be glad you did because it’s back and “new and improved.”  The creators (who also brought us that swingin’ show De La Guarda)  added new sets and scenes to the original production, to take you, and a couple hundred strangers (who I guarantee won’t be strangers by the time the show is over) on an even thrill-ier ride.

Don’t worry, the pool scene is still in.

Don’t know what the pool scene is?

Well, it’s time for you to find out.

And one of you is going to find out for free!

Here’s how.

So, question – we know Fuerza Bruta is a unique theatrical experience, right?  Unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen.  So, the title actually helps that, right?  Because unless you speak Spanish, the title isn’t anything you understand either.

It actually means “Brute Force.”

But let’s pretend it isn’t in Spanish. Let’s pretend it’s in a new language called “Theaterese.”

Translate Fuerza Bruta to mean something that describes the show to you and I’ll pick one lucky translator who will see the show for free (click here if you want to be reminded of what the show looks/sounds like).

Gouda Decades!  (That means Good Luck in my “theaterese” – how can cheese for decades be a bad thing?)


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