The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Big Knife On Broadway

Attention Sunday Giveaway Shoppers!

This week’s Giveaway is for a big Broadway revival of Clifford Odets’s classic drama The Big Knife, brought to you by the city’s leading Producer of big Broadway revivals of classic dramas, Roundabout Theatre.

The Big Knife is about Hollywood.  It’s about studio bosses and struggling starlets, and big time Actors.  In the last thirty years there have been a lot of dramas about this same subject . . . what’s amazing about The Big Knife is that it debuted theatrically in 1949!

TBK introduced a lot of folks to the underbelly of H-town and thrilled audiences by opening the doors to a world they’ve never seen before (read this blog to see why that’s so important).

And now it’s back on Broadway.

And one of you is going for free!

How do you win?

Hollywood is an easy target for dramatization because it’s got such eccentric characters, big dollars, sex, drugs and Tom Cruise.  And some say, TBK was based on true-to-life experiences.

What ripped-from-the-headlines story from Tinseltown would you use to put into a fictional play today?  The breakup of Brad and Jen?  The OJ trial?  What ever happened to Urkle?

Give me your ideas below . . . and bonus points if you title the play . . . and you’re entered to win!


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