These people shopped and won.

Congrats to all the folks who did some holiday shopping early and told us about it.

While I originally said I would only make winners out of the first five people who bought tickets as a holiday gift, I decided to make winners out of everyone who commented.  Why?  Because I think it’s great when people do something because they want to, regardless of material gain.  The more-than-five folks weren’t doing it because they wanted a money clip.  And I bet that wasn’t the motivation for the first five as well.  They did it because they wanted to do it, and for no other reason.  And that’s an ingredient for success.

Thanks for helping the biz, guys.  Your gift is on the way.  And for everyone else, there are still 32 days until Santa comes . . .

As a bonus for the winners, I’ve listed them all below and given them a chance to promote whatever the heck they want to promote, which will also give the rest of you a chance to know some of your fellow readers!

Introducing . . . .

Heather, a high school senior from Ocala, Florida who volunteers at a local middle school and helps with their drama dept.

Mike, a webmaster and historian for Civil War Richmond, thinks this book would make a great play.

Clayton, a student, is also interning at The Piven Theater (yes, there is a relation) and he has a cute cat.

Elisabeth works at the UN.  And that’s all that I can say about that!

Kendra (anyone else sing “Hey Kendra” when you read that name?) is a Group Tour Manager over at that behemoth Group Sales Box Office.  Check them out at

Paige, a college freshman, runs a Broadway podcast entitled On Broadway.

Danielle is starting a theater company.  You can read about it on her blog here.

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Ken created one of the first Broadway podcasts, recording over 250 episodes over 7 years. It features interviews with A-listers in the theater about how they “made it”, including 2 Pulitzer Prize Winners, 7 Academy Award Winners and 76 Tony Award winners. Notable guests include Pasek & Paul, Kenny Leon, Lynn Ahrens and more.