This blog is for all the nervous parents of theater majors out there . . .

. . . and here’s a spoiler . . . I didn’t write it.

The blog was emailed to me by about three people . . . and I have a rule, whenever three or more people give me the same comment about anything, a show, a restaurant, or even a friend, I take heed.

Before I get to that blog . . .

There’s a Dean of Drama at a university who makes a speech on orientation day for incoming freshmen and their jittery parents, who are afraid their children will end up waiting tables for the rest of their lives instead of taking the road more followed and becoming a doctor or . . . ick . . . a lawyer . . . or something just as “safe”.

The Dean gives it to them straight . . . and tells them how a very small percentage of their graduates actually end up working in the theater.  Just when half of the parents are about to demand tuition refunds, he goes on to read some of the other gigs that they got instead.  Some were politicians, salesmen, and some, even, were lawyers.

The blog that I didn’t write, but am linking to below is called 10 Ways Being A Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success . . . and it reminded me of that very smart Dean.

A lot of people out there think that theater training is a joke.

Well, I got news for those ignorant folks.  We live in the biggest theater of them all, and we are just players.

Sure, we theater majors may not be able to perform surgery . . . be we can still get straight to your heart.

Read the blog here.


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