To rush or not to rush . . . and I’m not talking about a lottery.

There was a healthy sized article in yesterday’s Times about the limited number of new musicals debuting on Broadway this year, and how if you were a Producer with a pubescent musical, you might want to speed up your development process, in the hopes of grabbing some easy Tony noms, and maybe even a win.

Most of the shows that were mentioned in the article have actually had healthy pupa stages already, and were well on their way before the season turned out the way it has, so those aren’t my concern.

But for those Producers out there whose shows aren’t on the radar that might think they should be injecting their shows with growth hormone, they might want to think again.

Good business people look for holes in their respective markets that they can fill with product.  Good business people recognize when a lack of competition provides them with a market entry advantage.

But great business people never rush their development.

Sure, I’ll admit it.  When looking at the upcoming slate of shows this past summer, I wished that one of the musicals that I’m developing was further along.

But I also knew that if I put the pedal to the developmental metal I was much more likely to crash.

Yes, it’s true that every show’s gestation period is different and what takes one show a year may take another show ten.  But one thing is absolutely the same from show to show – if you rush it, you’ll regret it.

Read the interesting article by Pat Healy here.


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