A Man Of No Importance – Open Auditions (AEA/Non-AEA)

WHO: The Gallery Players

SEEKING: Actors should be extremely proficient with an Irish accent. All must be excellent actors, good singers and decent movers.

Alfie Bryne :
Male, 40s. A Dublin bus conductor struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. Lover of books and poetry, he is also an amateur theatre director. He’s a dreamer who seeks to elevate the world around him. Originally played by Roger Rees and by Albert Finney in the original film. Sings baritone, but first and foremost must be an excellent actor.

Lily Byrne:
Female, 40s – 50s. Alfie’s older unmarried sister; the protector of her younger brother. Unlike her brother, “the dreamer,” she contents herself with the mundane of the world and the safety of their flat. She’s a bit of a boozer and couch potato. Played by Brenda Fricker in the original film. Mezzo.

Robbie Faye:
Male, 20s. The handsome bus driver with whom Alfie is secretly in love with. He is a rebel: his poetry comes from the streets, not books. There is something sexually dangerous and exciting about him. An Irish James Dean. Brief partial nudity required. Guitar playing a plus. Strong Tenor.

Adele Rice:
Female 20s. A pretty country girl. Hesitant and shy. She has an elegant simplicity about her. Alfie talks her into taking the leading role in his production of Oscar Wilde’s “Salome.” Soprano.

William Carney:
Male, 50s. A butcher who is Alfie’s next-door neighbor. He is stubborn and egocentric. A stage-struck hypocrite and moral champion of the church. He betrays Alfie and shuts down the production of “Salome,” branding it obscene. He is also Lily’s gentleman friend. Played by Michael Gambon in the original film.

William “Baldy” O’Shea:
Male, 50s – 70s. Thus named for his lack of hair. A retired Publican, he is the stage manager of the St. Imelda’s Players. Crusty and acerbic, he calls it like he sees it, but underneath has a heart of gold. Baritone – Tenor.

Father Kenny / Mr. Carson:
Male, 30s – 50s. Fr. Kenny is the often-preoccupied Priest of St. Imelda’s. Has a sharp wit but is not unsympathetic to Alfie and the Players. Doubles with Carson, who is Alfie’s supervisor at the Dublin Bus Company. He’s a stickler for rules and is a suspicious, unimaginative human being. Baritone.

Mrs. Margaret Grace:
Female, 40s – 60s. She is an imperious and imposing woman who is used to getting her way as the “first lady” of the St. Imelda’s Players. Violin and/or flute a plus. Mezzo.

Miss Una Crowe:
Female, Mid 30s – mid 50s. A timid spinster who has a crush on Alfie. She played Peter Pan at age 22 and has become a character actress. Flute, cello and/or violin a plus. Soprano.

Mrs. Patrick / Kitty Farelly:
Female, Late 30s – 40s. Mrs. Patrick is a handsome, elegant, married woman who, although devout, is having an affair with Robbie. Doubles with Kitty Farelly, who is an earthy, cigar-smoking bartender at the local bar. Strong soprano.

Mrs. Maureen Curtain:
Female, 30s – 50s. A former child star of the Dublin Music Hall, she is now married and has nine children of her own. “Show Business” is in her veins. Must be a strong tap dancer. Violin and/or flute a plus. Alto.

Sully O’Hara:
Male, 20s. An unemployed, awkward loner who is making his theatrical debut with this production. This role MUST play guitar. Tenor.

Ernest Lally:
Male, Late 20s – 30s. A nervous, small man who serves as the prop man and reveres Alfie. Also plays a bar boy and the policeman. Instrument playing a plus. Baritone or tenor.

Rasher Flynn:
Male, 30s – 50s. An ex-all Ireland gymnast, now a drinker and smoker. Simple yet enthusiastic. Also plays the new bus driver. Instrument playing a plus. Baritone or tenor.

Peter / Breton Beret:
Male, 20s. Peter is a want-to-be rock musician that now toils as the janitor of St. Imelda’s. Breton Beret is so named because of his headwear. He is a sexy and tough rent boy. MUST play guitar. Tenor.

Oscar Wilde:
Male, 30s – 40s. The famous Dublin-born playwright, poet and wit whose “Salome” is what Alfie attempts to stage. This Oscar Wilde is at the height of his career and a figment of Alfie’s imagination. Need not sing.

WHEN: 1st rehearsal: Week of 12/26 (evenings/weekends). Run 1/28/12 – 2/19/12 (Thur – Sun, 16 performances). All auditions, rehearsals and performances take place at The Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, Brooklyn.



Audition Information


OPEN Auditions (Equity and Non-Equity performers):
Monday, November 28, 2011
begins 7pm.
Final sign-in at 9pm.
All signed in by that time will be seen.
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
begins 7pm.
Final sign-in at 9pm.
All signed in by that time will be seen.

Callbacks: 12/10 and 12/11. Time TBD.


At the Gallery Players
199 14th Street (between 4th and 5th aves)
Brooklyn, NY (see directions below)

Notes/What to bring:

Prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of Ahrens and Flaherty. Please bring sheet music in the correct key; no lead sheets. Please have a second contrasting song ready if requested.

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