Tony Pool Winner Announced! And how did me, you, and our Psychic do?

Okey dokey smokey, the accounting firm of the Davenport Theatrical Interns has finished their audit of our Tony Pool entries and they have selected a winner.

But first,

How did I do?


I matched my performance of last year, getting 18 out of 26 right or a sub par 69.2%.

How did the overall majority of you readers do?  Much better.

The majority choices scored a good solid “B” with calling 84.6% of the winners (whenever I belly up to the Blog Bar, I’m always bragging about how my readers are smarter than everyone else’s).

How did our resident psychic Miss Rose do?

There must have been too many microwaves goin’ that day because she scored a dismal 34.6%.  Yikes, Miss Rose.  Yikes.  You gotta put down the ball and get out to see more shows!  Or, frankly, just guess better!

And now, who won?  Which one of you got the most right and is walking home with a $500 Telecharge gift card???

The winner is  . . .

Well, it’s not that easy.

There was a FOURTEEN way tie for first place!  Wowza!

14 of you successfully predicted 22 out of the 26 correct.

Unfortunately one of you didn’t follow the rules, so you had to be disqualified.  (Wah-wah.)

And that means 13 went on to the tie-breaker.

And the one person who emerged victorious is . . .


Come on down, Robert Hoffman!  You won the $500 and the honor of being the best Tony picker in town!

Email me and we’ll get you your prize.

Now, who wants to start handicapping next year’s race?  Hmmmm???  Anyone givin’ odds on the Sting musical to win?

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