Tony Pool Winner Announced! And How Did You, Me, and My Dog Do?

Well, you all kicked my bum-bums this year.

I scored an F-like 58.3% on my Tony “exam” this year, picking only 14 of the 24 winners correctly.  Now look, before you start writing the Broadway League to have my Producer’s license taken away, remember, I was voting my heart on a few of those.  We gotta believe up until the Presenter says the name of the other nominee before we give up that ghost.  So, with that, I’ll wear my 58.3% with pride.

You guys did pretty dang well as a whole, gettin’ 18 out of the 24 right, or a 75%.  (Some of those design categories got a little tricky.)

Koda, my little pup that also made picks this year, scored a . . . wait for it . . . 3 out of 24, or a 12.5%.  And right now she’s curled up on my couch as I type with the same “What did I do?” look she gave me after she chewed my Evita show jacket.  The shame, Koda.  The shame.  But at least she made me look good.

But now, on to the big winner of our Tony pool and the one of you taking home $500 in theater tickets . . .

Well, out of over 1,000 entries (!), we had three, that’s right three of you, get 22 out of 24 correct!  That’s a 91.7% for those of you keeping track grade-school-style.

So once again, it came down to the tiebreaker . . .

And, now, the winner of the 2016 Producer’s Perspective Tony Pool is . . .

(Pause for dramatic effect as I struggle to open the envelope.)

(Pause one more time because it’s a really tough envelope.)

(Like closed with that super glue that can hold a construction worker to a steel beam.)

The winner is . . . Matthew Hardy!

Congratulations, Matthew!  You’re the Top o’ the Tony Class!

Email me to get your Telecharge or Ticketmaster Gift Card.

And for all the rest of you who didn’t win, there’s always next year.  Because the 2017 Tony season is already underway.  🙂

Except for you, Koda.  You’re out.  Give it up.  And hey, don’t give me that look . . . don’t you . . . wait!  No!  Not my Thoroughly Modern Millie hoodie!!!


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