What to do with your kids when you go to the theater.

Yesterday we talked about how life’s many obstacles can get in the way of a customer making a purchase.

So today, I thought we’d look at one of those obstacles and try to extract it from their path.

One of the biggest obstacles I hear about, especially from folks in their mid-30s, is also one of life’s greatest blessings (insert sigh here) . . . kids.

Having kids cramps nightly activities for couples . . . and the first one to go, is often the theater.  (I’d bet that this is one of the reasons theatergoing is reserved for the 45+ set)

So, great marketers out there . . . if this is an obstacle, how can we remove it?

Here are a few ideas off the top of my bean:

  • How about emergency notification phone numbers so an usher can get you out of your seat if there is a problem with your toddler?
  • What about partnering with a babysitting service to offer a few hours of time with each pair of full price tickets purchased?
  • Or wait, what about offering actual babysitting services at the theater?!  It’s the Bible-study model, where the kids go off together, while the parents hit the church. The Gershwin Theatre has a huge lobby and a giant rehearsal room upstairs . . . it would be perfect.  And you could teach them all about theater, inspiring them to become audiences of the future!
  • Why leave the kids at home?  Bring ’em . . . for free, or for the cost of a movie ticket.  (Recommend special seating that puts them close to a door in case their kid wants to run . . . or gets a case of the runs.)

Will any of these work?  I don’t know.  You’ve got to try them to find out . . . but they are certainly not going to hurt.  And you just may stumble upon something that prevents your customer from stumbling on the way to purchasing a ticket.

I’m sure all of you can come up with a whole bunch more ideas for this one huge (albeit very cute) obstacle that keeps a lot of folks at home.  Comment below!

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