Who are Broadway’s 50 Most Powerful People?

BroadwaySpace.com ran it’s 2nd most popular feature of the year yesterday:  Broadway’s 50 Most Powerful People!

The idea for this list came from the old theater rag TheaterWeekly, which then became InTheatre, which then became . . . ahhh . . . extinct.

But boy, how I loved to read the list every year and dream about one day being on it.

I’m still dreaming, but at least I sponsor the site that comes up with the new list!

And a big, BIG disclaimer, especially to all of you out there who sent me hate e-mail last year because you weren’t on the list (and you know who you are, you Tony Award-winning Old Guard Producer, you).  When I authorized the creation of this list, I made it a point to excuse myself from the process of who ends up where.  In fact, I disagreed with some of the choices this year, but what can you do.

Enjoy the list and comment away!

BroadwaySpace.com’s 50 Most Powerful People

Oh, and by the way, the MOST popular feature of the year on BroadwaySpace.com is The Hottest Guy & Girl on Broadway.

And yes, BroadwaySpace is the US Weekly of Broadway, and we love it.  Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at book clubs, we know you do too. 🙂

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