Who’s producing that show? Read these articles and you’d never know.

Allow me to present three articles, from three of our major online trade sites:

You know what each of these articles has in common?

They list the actors in each show.  They list the creative teams.

And not one of them lists the Producers.

There was a time when the names of Producers were synonymous with the shows they produced.  Those days seem to have passed, since our very own trade sites don’t even feel obligated to add these names to the articles.  Sure, one argument is that there are more names listed these days so they don’t want to take up too much space (although last I heard, online words were cheap).

Could it be that these names are less valued nowadays?

That’s what I’m afraid of.

Don’t misconstrue this blog.  This isn’t a “wah, wah, we should get attention too!” entry.  No, no, quite the contrary.  Do I think that these sites should include the Producers of shows in every article they do that includes the rest of the team?  Absolutely yes, and you should push the press agent of your shows to make sure it happens.

But more importantly, it’s time for us Producers to start doing the type of work that makes the reporters want to list us as associated with the shows that we’re helping to make happen.

Credit for anything doesn’t come because you think it’s deserved.  It comes only when it’s earned.


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