Why Actors shouldn’t be waiters.

A lot of actors are waiters.

And no, I’m not talking about the kind that serves you burgers at Joe Allen or cosmos at The Snug.  However you make your living to fund your dreams is fine with me.

I’m talking about the kind that waits for their agent to call or waits in line for hours at open calls or waits for the next issue of Backstage to come out to see if there are any auditions.

You know . . . the kind that waits for their big break, and doesn’t do anything to make it happen.

Are you a “waiter?”  If so, let me give you the biggest “tip” ever.


No, don’t quit acting.  Quit waiting.

I’m constantly asked by actors how they can attract the attention of Producers, Directors and Agents, oh my.

My two-part answer?

  1. Get yourself seen in a show.
  2. If no one is putting you in one?  Put yourself in one.

Self-producing is easier than you think, and it’s a fantastic way to learn about all areas of the business.  Odds are that you have a network of ambitious actors just like yourself in your world, and if not, find some!  Get some of these folks together and figure out how to put on a show that can showcase your talents.

I’m not saying you have to mount a 15 million dollar revival of No, No, Nanette.  Start with a reading of your favorite play in a rehearsal studio or even in your living room.  Or maybe you’ve got a friend that’s a playwright who has written something that he or she wants to see on its feet. After that, maybe you’ll want to do a staged reading, or even a showcase.

And isn’t that why you got in the business in the first place?  To do shows?  It certainly beats putting stamps on pictures and resumes all alone in your apartment, wondering if they ever even get to anyone.

Producers, directors and agents pay a lot more attention to the shows they see than to the hundreds of pictures and resumes that come across their desks every day.

So get out there and do a show, even if you have to put it up yourself.  You’ll be amazed at what happens when you use your own entrepreneurial energy and the energy of those around you and start working towards a common goal.

You never know what’ll happen until you do it.

But sit around and wait?

I’ll bet you a dinner at Joe Allen that I know exactly where you’ll end up.

And I promise to leave you a good tip.


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