Why teenagers don’t want to drive and what that means about your future audience.

I’ve written about the next generation of theatergoers a couple of times and how different they’ll be from the ones we have now based on a few things:

  • They were born with a computer in their home.
  • They’ve had cell phones since the day they could dial.

And . . .

  • Boy/Girl/Techie or Not . . . they have grown up on video games.

Those video games are going to impact every aspect of how this audience engages with live entertainment, from the marketing to the actual art itself.  (Read this blog to see some stats on what I’m talking about.)

Gabe “Games R My Life” Zichermann, who literally wrote the book on Gamification (which I recommend), gave a speech at the TCG conference recently on the gaming audience and how to reach them, which was fortunately recorded and I’ve posted below (or use this link).

Watch it and learn why teenagers don’t want to drive, how the Swedes make people pay for speeding, and how Nike walked over New Balance in the runner’s marketing.

It’s a great talk.  Made me think . . . hey Gabe, what are you doing next January.  TEDxBroadway III?

After you watch it, come up with a couple gaming ideas you can incorporate into your show/advertising/everyday life.  We’re doing a fun one at my office today, actually. I’ve challenged my team members to come up with 2 ideas on how to make our office more efficient . . . or two ways on how they can save time and/or money (because they are the same thing).  The winner gets a cash prize.  But, in actuality, we’ll all win, because we’ll probably action 80% of the ideas.

What can you game?


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