Why You’ve got to to be Faster with your Marketing. Part II

Yesterday, I talked about how I was inspired by a comment from a social media panel that discussed the importance of speed in modern marketing, especially in terms of social media.

And while I focused mostly on the importance of response to your customers audience in the social media universe, there’s a much more proactive position you can take to try and get your show attention throughout the entire universe.


When things happen, be the first to talk about it.

The internet rewards those that are first and fast when they address any subject that has captured the world’s attention.  And if you’re that person, that brand, that show, well, you can get eyeballs that you never even imagined.

Need some examples?

Super Bowl Sunday is the most expensive advertising day on the planet.  And the brand that got the most attention during last year’s Super Bowl was Oreo’s, when they tweeted a mediocre joke about “dunking in the dark” when the power went out.  Cost?  Zero.

Or let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum.  Remember the Miley Cyrus “twerking” debacle?  The first person to post it on YouTube was a gaming blogger.  And because he was first and fastest, he grabbed millions of views to his channel.  And his content was entirely unrelated to Miley’s. (Unfortunately, because he just put up the video and didn’t have anything original to say about it, the video was taken down- a lesson to yes, be quick, but also be original.)

A quick and cheap way to put your show on a bigger stage is to connect it to events that are capturing the world’s attention – and find a way to connect the two.

Now, there’s one more thing you need besides speed if you want to compete in this world.  And this secret sauce was brought up at this week’s League Conference when an attendee asked the panel just how, in a world like Broadway, where ever show has multiple Producers and often multiple Lead Producers, a Press Agent, a National Press Agent, an Ad Agency, a Marketing Team, etc., how can you be quick when we often require so many approvals?

The answer?


If a Producer isn’t going to run the marketing him or herself, then he/she’s going to have to empower his team to do it for him/her, and trust that they’re going to do it appropriately.

It’s a hard thing for control freaks people like me (and I’m sure you) to do, but without it, you’ll never be first.  Sure, what your people say, may not be exactly what you would say some of the time, but if they say it first, there is a better chance of your show being heard.


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