Will the internet and technology kill the theater?

There are a lot of doomsdayers out there.

As more and more options for entertainment become available to us on our computers, our cell phones, our cell phone/pda/waffle makers, etc., a lot of folks out there are predicting the end of theater as we know it.

Not me.

I say, bring it on.

Bring on as many different forms of two dimensional entertainment as you silicon valley guys can dream up.

The more the market is flooded with 2D, the more rare the 3D experience becomes, which means the more valuable it is.

Scarcity increases value which then increases demand.

The more screens the consumer has to stare at all day and all night, the more opportunity there is for us to show them something much more exciting.

Something live.


They’re gonna to be dying for it.  So we just can’t disappoint.

You up for the challenge?

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