Win up to $1,000 in my 2017 Tony Awards “Powerball” Pool!

Ok, all you Amazing Kreskins out there . . . it’s time to put those Tony-pickin’ mad skillz of yours to work.

I know you’ve all been whispering at the water cooler about who you think will win Tony Awards before the season even began, so now it’s time to put you to the test.

And a test it will certainly be, because this year has more hotly contested categories than I’ve seen in over a decade.

So are you ready?

This isn’t just for fun, kiddos. Oh no, not only do we give away $500 to the winner, but when you think about it, whoever can pick Tony winners, well you’ve got a career as a Producer in your future (since picking winners is a lot of what we try to do!)

And wait, did I say $500?  Scratch that. And double it!  Because this year, we’re also reviving our “Powerball” version of the awards, since I’ve got a horse in the race.

That’s right, the person who scores the highest in our pool will win . . . $500 in Broadway Theater Tickets through a Ticketmaster or Telecharge gift certificate.

But if the Powerball comes in, I’ll double the prize to $1,000.

What is the Powerball, you ask?

The Powerball is . . . my Powerball.

The prize pot gets doubled if Groundhog Day wins Best Musical!

If my ship comes in . . . so does yours.

So let’s play!

Here are the rules . . .

  • All questions are weighted the same. It’s just like an 8th-grade exam. The person with the highest percentage of correct answers wins!
  • There is a tie-breaker.
  • In order to validate entries, only email subscribers to my blog are eligible. Subscribe to the blog today by visiting and entering your email address in the box on the right (you can always cancel your email subscription after the contest is over).  If you score a perfect score but are not a subscriber, no $ for you!  And that would suck.  Subscribe!
  • Only 1 entry per person. Duplicate entries from an individual will void ALL entries from that individual.  And if you don’t think we can tell?  Try us.  And face the disappointment.
  • Please pay special attention to the final “Verification Page” for further information and validation requirements. If you fail to fill out all the required information, your entry will be invalid.
  • Voting will officially close at 11:59PM on Thursday, June 8th.

So come on Tony handicappers, lets see what you are made of.

Enter here!

– – – – –

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