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WHO: Play Club

SEEKING: Writers and Actors

“Play Club” consists of several members: Writers, actors, producers and directors who will meet for a few hours every Tuesday and participate in a table reading of a play. The play can either be original or it may be a previously published work.

FOR ACTORS – Participating in “Play Club” will be beneficial in strengthening your cold reading skills, learning about a play you may not have heard of or know little about, being a part of the beginning stages of someone’s original work, flexing your instincts as an actor, and possibly being considered for a role in a future production of certain plays read during Play Club.

* *We recommend joining our mailing list by filling out this online form: http://formsmarts.com/form/ok5 Every Tuesday we will announce what play will be read for the FOLLOWING Tuesday’s play club and just in case you weren’t at the table reading when the announcement was given, we will be emailing those on our MAILING LIST with said information.)

* *Submitting to read: When the play is announced and you’d like to be a part of the reading for that play, please fill out our READERS FORM here: http://formsmarts.com/form/ok9

We cast based on first come first served in addition to experience. Make sure you fill out the form ASAP following the announcement of the next play for larger roles. If it is your FIRST time reading with Play Club, just remember there are no small roles just small (you know 😉 ) After a play is announced on TUESDAY, you must submit to read by SUNDAY or you will not be considered for the reading of that play.

FOR WRITERS – Submit your play! Screenplays, stage plays… You will be given an opportunity to hear your script out loud. For a mere $50, we will provide you with skilled cold readers, a space, copies of your work for the readers and useful feedback on your script.

* *Submitting a Play: Writers can submit their original work to be read or a play they’d like to hear read out loud and Actors can submit a play as well by filling out THIS online form: http://formsmarts.com/form/ok7

As of right now, we’re only considering the first 5 submissions per week! So make sure youget your suggestion in as close to Wednesday morning as possible. We start a new cycle every Wednesday morning. If your play suggestion is chosen, we will contact you directly to work out details for that Tuesday.

THE UNKNOWN ARTISTS – The Unknown Artists mission is to provide opportunities for talented, unknown individuals to thrive on a stage enabling them to show off their gifts of music, acting, dance, comedy, film and all categories of art. Founded in 2007 by Emily Clark and Pamela Eberhardt, the Unknown Artists search far and wide for an explosive amount of talent that is of a specific, unheard of, untraveled artistry.

*Every week the board of directors will read through 5 plays that have been submitted to PLAY CLUB for a possible Tuesday reading. They choose the play and announce it on the following Tuesday.

WHEN: 3/29/2011 – 11/1/2011



To submit to read: http://formsmarts.com/form/ok9

To submit a play: http://formsmarts.com/form/ok7

General contact:uaplayclub@gmail.com 

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