Yes, we’re producing a brand new theater festival, here’s why! (UPDATED)

A few weeks ago, I tweet-leaked the news that we were launching a brand new theater festival this (!) summer.

Now, my publicity muzzle has officially been removed, and I’m able to announce for reals that RAVE, the brand new theater festival for brand new plays, musicals, and more, will take place this summer from August 9th to the 25th, right here in NYC.

Woohoo!!!  (If you can’t tell, I’m super excited.)

Why am I jumping up and down like a kid who just heard the circus was comin’ to town?

Well, first, I love me some theater.

And I believe that the more theater there is in the world, the better off the world will be.

Second, almost one year ago to the day, on March 15, 2018, my office announced a new mission, to help get 5000 shows produced by 2025. 

It’s going great! Shows are sprouting up Off-Broadway, regionally, internationally, and more.  And a whole crap-ton are in line for readings, production, licensing and more.  But a festival is a great way to get a whole bunch up at once!

Third, over the years, I’ve discovered Playwrights, Actors, Directors and all sorts of Theater Makers at other festivals around the country.  And many of these folks I still work with to this day! 

Altar Boyz wouldn’t have been the success it is without me seeing Kevin Delaguila’s 6 Story Building at the 2002 NYC Fringe and asking him to write our book.  I saw Brandon Williams, who I cast in The Awesome 80s Prom in 2004 after seeing him in The Joy of Sex that same year.  He went on to star in Gettin’ The Band Back Together on Broadway this past summer.   And on, and on.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, we’ve lost a few festivals.  Simultaneously, costs for producing off-off Broadway showcases or developing productions have spiked.  And in my discussions with my Pros and emerging theater artists all over the world, I found myself recommending that they submit to a festival . . . but found that the city is actually short on festivals, and those festivals that were still around filled up too fast!

So, we’re starting one with the goal of giving more emerging Theater Makers a chance to be seen in the most important theater city in the world, which is also the hardest theater city in the world to be seen in!

You can find out more about the festival here.

If you’re a Theater Maker with a play, musical or unique “experience” (it is called RAVE after all), I hope you’ll submit. (UPDATE: submissions for the 2019 Rave Theater Festival season are now closed, but for a list of submission opportunities for plays and musicals please visit where you can also access our “How to Submit to Theater Festivals Execution Plan!)!

If you’re a Theater maker without a play, musical or unique “experience,” now is the time to get that great idea of yours on paper and submit it.  What’s the worse that’ll happen?  You won’t get in?  Big whoop.  What’s the best that can happen???  Go ahead, let your imagination run wild.  (Yeah, that’s right, imagine that.  Pretty awesome, right?  Now get on the stick and submit!)

Click here to get the scoop.

If you’re a theater lover, make sure you sign up to be the first to know when we announce the line-up and put tickets up for sale.  Cause I think we’re going to shake up the city this summer, and you’re gonna want to be there.

Here we go!

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