5 Takeaways from my Get Your Show Off The Ground online Seminar.

Last week, we held my annual Get Your Show Off The Ground webinar, featuring four people with a project . . . and a mission to get that project off the ground.

Together, we batted about their situation, their assets, their challenges, and formulated an action plan to help get them to the next step of development and closer to making their dream a reality.

And, because it was online, a whole bunch of people got to audit/eavesdrop on the conversation and learn from it.

If you missed it, and want to hear the whole thing, including a Q&A from those auditors who had very unique situations of their own, join TheProducersPerspectivePro for a free 7-day trial.  The entire webinar is up in the archives, along with 30+ hours of other webinars.

To give you a sample of some of the stuff we talked about when I was asked questions about funding shows, getting producers to see those shows and more, here are Five Takeaways from the Webinar . . . in bite-sized form.

  1. Need a director, co-writer, or any type of collaborator?  Go see shows.  Rather than let the person speak in an interview, let the work speak for itself.  (Side Note – we’re in festival season, so this is a great time to hunt for emerging artists like yourself.)
  2. Want a Producer to see your show?  Think of them like customers that you want to buy your product.  Advertise to them in the same way a company would advertise any product . . . with multiple impressions in multiple ways.
  3. If someone really wants to do something, they’ll find the time no matter how busy they are.  If they say they’re too busy, “they’re just not that into you.”  So find someone else.
  4. If a potential investor isn’t a little bit skittish about investing in a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, something is wrong with them.  Your job is to be honest about the risks, and then explain why your show mitigates that risk.
  5.  The smaller the show, the longer you need to run in order to get the press to pay attention to you.

There’s a lot more juicy stuff from this webinar and the other two just like it in the archives section of ProducersPerspectivePro, so join Pro now to get access to it for free.

And if you’re interested in attending the more intensive, and more exclusive LIVE Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar, I have two coming on, one on each coast.  There are only eight spots for each session (and no audits) and both are more than half sold out.  So if you wanna come and get your project on the fast track, register now.


Saturday, July 16th
3 PM- 6 PM PT
The Colony Theater, Burbank, CA
Click here to register now.


Saturday, September 24th
2 PM – 5 PM ET
Davenport Theatrical, NYC
Click here to register now.

“I’ve taken your “Get it off the ground” seminar twice, last year’s webinar and one “in-person” seminar. Your advice played a part in getting one show produced this coming season at a regional theater, with more in the offing. The second show, after a successful tryout using some of your suggestions, is inching its way through the precarious waters of off Broadway production.  So, thanks!” – Gary

“A great crash course in navigating the maze of producing commercial theatre. I really got a lot out of listening to everyone’s issues and hearing [Ken’s] feedback/solutions.”  – Phillip

“My enthusiasm for staging my show remains as strong as ever, and now thanks to you I have a ‘road map’ for making the dream come true.”  – Rich


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