Actors – “The Drunkard; Or The Fallen Saved”

WHO: Metropolitan Playhouse

SEEKING: Actors for "The Drunkard; Or The Fallen Saved"

Edward Middleton: Ages 23 to early 30s in course of play. Title character. Bright, promising young family man. Led astray, then redeemed. His conscience allows him to see the horror of his own demise.

Squire Cribbs: 60s. The villain of the piece. Deceitful in the service of avarice and revenge, and a lascivious enemy of chastity. Without conscience.

William Dowton: 20s. Goodhearted country boy, unsophisticated and “as honest as the sun.” Frequently happens upon opportunities to rescue victimized characters.

Arden Rencelaw: 60s or 70s. Beneficent aristocrat. Noble hearted and generous temperance (anti-alcohol) evangelist

Sam Evans: Teenager in village (doubles as character in his 20s)

Mary Wilson: Faithful, long-suffering bride and wife to the drunkard. Noble. Slight. Described as “pretty,” and “a jewel.”

Mrs. Wilson: 70s. Grieving widow. Infirm.

Agnes Dowton: Late teens. Mad as the result of earlier trauma, wanders the village Ophelia-like, singing snatches of seemingly meaningless songs. Knows more than others realize.

Miss Spindle: 50s or 60s. Comic spinster. Vainly, and comically, tries to mask her age with cosmetics, charm and misplaced flirtation. Highly fashion conscious and class conscious. Reads and misquotes romantic poetry.

Julia Middleton: 7 to 10 years old. Slight. Loving, simple, and extraordinarily sincere.

WHEN: 1st rehearsal: 8/12/10. Runs: 9/18 – 10/17/10

PAY: $400 total stipend

HOW TO AUDITION: NYC auditions will be held on August 5 and 6, by appointment only. Please include words “Drunkard Casting” in subject line of email or outside of envelope. Note: Please submit for only one role in this project and indicate the role you are submitting for. Actors will also be considered for roles not listed. For the audition, actors will read from sides, available on Metropolitan Playhouse website once schedule has been confirmed.

Mail, messenger or email picture and resume to:

Metropolitan Playhouse
220 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10009

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