All I want is to have fruit arrive at my door every month.

broadway beef jerkyOne of my favorite gifts to get folks around the holidays is a “something”-of-the-month club.

The original of-the-month club was something fruit related.  Apples, oranges, kiwis . . . whatever.

But now . . . well, just look at this site.  You can get pickles-of-the-month, salsa-of-the-month, beer, wine, olives, PB&Js, ice cream and my favorite, Jerky-of-the-month.

Whenever you see a set of consumer products that have exploded like these “month clubs” you know that it’s a win-win for the Consumer and the “Producer.”

The Producer gets a regular steady stream of income, and the Consumer gets something they love, delivered on a clock-work schedule, once a month.  Why does it make a great gift?  Because you forget about them . . . the Consumer feels like they are getting a super surprise every single month.

Oh, wouldn’t it be great to have something like this for the Broadway?

I know, I know, you’re thinking I’m talking about a Broadway subscription, like I blogged about here. And I know you’re thinking that subscription renewal rates are falling all over the country, so what would make them work here? 

And you’d be right.  A traditional subscription model sure ain’t gonna work here.  One of the reasons subscriptions are in the crapper is, well, discounts.  See, it used to be that the only way to get a discount was to subscribe to a season. Now, with discounts everywhere you point your mouse, why subscribe?  (The only antidote is great content that you know will sell out – but isn’t great content the antidote for everything?)

With discounts even more prevalent on Broadway, a traditional subscription model would be even more challenging.  But since when do I do anything traditional?

What if it were a subscription to the first preview of every new musical or every new play?  For a suuuuuuuper low price . . . and it was only marketed to early adopters of shows (we can find out who those are with a pretty simple Telecharge filter).

Or what if it was a “Last Minute” subscription . . . you paid $XXX to the right to see XX shows but you could only call 24 hours before the performance and you were given whatever was available.

Or hey, why are we just thinking tickets?  Maybe the 0f-the-month clubs are popular because, well they are products, not places you have to go.

So what if we had a discount-of-the-month?  Pay a $99 yearly fee and get one killer rate to see a show every month.

Or what about a cast-recording-of-the-month . . .

Sometimes it’s easy to think there’s only one way to sell our product.  But, if we take a cue from what other industries are doing, we may see that there are a zillion ways to skin this sales cat.

Ooooooh!  Cat-of-the-month club?


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