Are investors from the UK smarter than investors from the USA?

A faithful reader who I’ll call Bruce (because that’s his name), sent me this article that recently appeared in the general news section of the London Evening Standard.

The article is about a flood of investment money that went into the theatrical market this summer.  Why?  Apparently, there are some savvy investors over there who have realized that the theatre just isn’t as risky as it used to be, when compared to other investment vehicles.  Sure, it’s still a gamble, but if the last twelve months have taught us anything it’s that there is no security that’s a sure thing.

I’ve been caught saying this a few times recently:

“The one positive thing about an economic crisis like this is that it forces us all to get smarter.”

That’s not true.  I lied.  There are two positive things.  The second positive thing about an economic crisis like this is that it makes investing in the theatre look so much more attractive than it was.

Read the article here.

And thanks again, Bruce.

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