Broadway has the solutions to all the world’s problems.

I’m not smart enough to read The Economist.

Thankfully,  I have some friends that are . . . and one of them sent me a great article featured in this month’s issue that talked about The Broadway!  (I get all oogly inside when publications outside of our industry pay attention to what we do . . . because it means people who don’t normally pay attention to us, might do just that.)

The thesis of the article was something that you and I have known for a loooong time:  “Answers to almost all the world’s problems can be found on Broadway.”

It’s a fun article that calls for Kim Jong-un to listen to the lyrics of West Side Story, for Google to listen to Fagin, and more.

Read it here.

And then let’s hope that our Congress listens to this lyric:

You can drive a person crazy.
You can drive a person mad.
Now stop acting like a bunch of tubas and start working together and pass some laws that people actually want.

Huh.  I might be remembering that incorrectly.  But something tells me Sondheim will forgive me.


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