Even when you can’t sell your show, you have to.

I got my Tony Voter invite to see one of this season’s shows the other day.

It was the most boring letter I’ve ever read.  It might as well have been inviting me to a three-day symposium on 15th century Hungarian cabinet making.

It was filled with names of the people involved in the production and gave me the specifics on how to reserve my tickets.

Nuts and bolts and bolts and nuts.

Oh, except there was one big nut missing: a synopsis of what the show was about.

Yep, there was no mention of the plot.  There was no blurb to peak my interest. No description to rev my engines.  No story copy to convince me to pick up the phone and reserve my tickets now.

There are rules and regulations on marketing to Tony Voters, as there should be. But as Producers and Marketers we have to find a way to work within the lines, and still do our jobs.

Otherwise we won’t have to worry about nuts and bolts . . . because we’ll be screwed.

I still haven’t made my reservation for the aforementioned show yet.  

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