The secrets behind getting a Broadway Theater.

If I was writing this blog twenty years ago, it would be shorter than the run of Moose Murders.

Because back then, here’s how you got a Broadway theater . . .

You asked for one.

And if I was writing it thirty years ago?  Well, shoot, you’d ask for one, and the theater owners would try to give you two!

A lot has changed since the last “dark ages” on Broadway, when theaters sat idle for months and months, waiting for the next Broadway Producer to take his or her shot.

Now, you can ask until you’re blue in the face and arms, and that may not make a bit of difference because now there’s a long list of Producers and shows looking for their chance on the Great White Way.

So what changed?  Why is it so different than it was?  And if it’s so tough, how do you position your show to get one of the only 40 (41 in 2017) theaters that are available?  Oh, and just who are the theater owners we’re talking about?

I can’t get to all of that stuff in one blog post, which is why this is the subject of my next webinar.

Next Wednesday, July 20th at 7 PM, I’ll be teaching a webinar entitled, well, “How The Heck Do You Get A Broadway Theater Anyway?”

I’ll talk you through all of the answers to the above, as well as a whole bunch more including:

  • The History of the “Five Families” of Broadway Theater Owners.
  • How do you decide what theater you want?
  • The rituals of asking for a Broadway Theater (it’s more involved than you think).
  • Strategies and Suggestions for increasing your odds of getting a theater.
  • Will we see another “dark ages” again anytime soon?
  • And more.

Of course, I’ll end the webinar with a Q&A about getting a theater, and anything else that’s on your mind (Except Pokémon GO.  I’m not talking about that crazy thing!).

It used to be that a Broadway Producer’s #1 concern was raising money.  Believe it or not, that just ain’t the case no more.  Now, the #1 issue facing all of us out there is can we, will we get a theater . . . and when?

Learning how to navigate this maze and the history of it is more important than it has ever been before if you’re interested in getting a show on the boards someday.  That’s why this is one of the most important webinars I’ve taught to date, and I hope you join.

To register for this webinar, click here.  It’s $149 to take it when you get it on your own.

But, it’s free for my ProducersPerspectivePRO members.  Seriously.  Sign up for PRO here to get the webinar for free.

And if the webinar wasn’t enough of a reason to join PRO now, here are a few more:

Many of you said you wanted to try out Pro but the 7-day trial wasn’t long enough (you’re all so busy!).  So, this month only, instead of giving you a 7-day trial when you sign up now, I’m giving you a 30-day trial. You get a whole month to kick the e-tires, listen to the 30+ hours of other webinars, download the mailing labels for Producers, General Managers, Booking Agents, Publishing Houses (perfect for anyone doing a festival show that needs to invite folks), and more.

AND, this is the month we’re holding our first ProducersPerspectivePRO in-person networking event.  So all PRO members, including those on their free trial, get a chance to mingle with other PROS and some special guests, share a drink (on me), a business card, and your ideas on the theater.  I expect we’re going to make some great connections that night.  It’s gonna be fun.

So, you can get the webinar here for $149.

Or, you can join PRO for 30 days for free by clicking here, and get the webinar, the social, and everything else on PRO for free.  And if you don’t want to stick it out with PRO after the 30 days?  Cancel.  No hard feelings.  (I don’t even know who cancels!)

Up to you.  But this is one that you don’t want to miss.

See you on the webinar!

Click here to get it for $149.

Click here to join PRO for free.


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