Update: The thief has been caught and released due to good behavior.

As I promised in my last post, I called the logo-offenders first thing yesterday morning.  A woman named Chrissy answered the phone.

After a brief explanation of the situation, I urged Chrissy to look at her logo, and then look mine.

“Oh my, well we certainly did use your logo, didn’t we.”

She apologized profusely, thanked me for not sending lawyers after her and said that her designer must have “googled 80s prom” and promised to have it down ASAP (it is gone – the links from Friday’s post don’t even work anymore).

So no drama this time, which unfortunately makes for an uninteresting blog topic.  But it makes for a much more efficient business.

(BTW, while I had Chrissy on the phone, I urged her to considering licensing The Prom as a sit-down production.  We’ll see!)

Special shout out to my former intern Megan Shea for catching my logo-borrowing friends.

Oh, and speaking of Copiers, there is one on Broadway right now, which I saw last night (this one did get sued by the “original” . . . and the original lost).

What did I think of the show?  Imagine making a Xerox of your favorite picture when your toner is low.

That’s what you get when you copy.

– – – – –

Have a quick question about C&Ds and someone using your content?  Try this link and this sample C&D.

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