Stop! Thief!

Someone stole The Prom logo.  Again.

See for yourself.  Here’s mine.  Here’s theirs.  Amazing, isn’t it?

It always makes me laugh when people blatantly rip things off.  And, believe it or not, this is the third time that it has happened.  Imagine if someone stole your car . . . three times.

I used to get mad.  Really mad.  So mad I’d actually pay my attorney $1,000 to write a C&D every time it happened (that’s another form of robbery, but we won’t get into that . . . yet).

I don’t get mad anymore.  Because I realized something . . .

There are two kinds of people in the producing world, whether you are producing theater or thermostats:  Creators . . . and Copiers.

And the people who copy aren’t usually malicious.  They’re just lazy.  And that’s just sad.

So what am I going to do about the logo thief?  I’ll call tomorrow morning myself and introduce myself and ask them to remove it.  They will.

Because they’re not stupid.  Just lazy.

Unfortunately, as long as there are Creators, there will be Copiers.  You’ll have them too.

Just do yourself a favor.  Protect and defend yourself, yes, but don’t waste too much time (or money) on them, when you can be spending that same time (and money) creating.

Keep creating and The Copiers will never catch you.

– – – – –

I’ll give you the update on what happens when I call in the next post.  Maybe they’ll hang up on me!

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