I don’t care who the best marketer is on Broadway.

You know what I really care about?

Who the best marketer is in the world.

Yes, we have a very unique product on Broadway.  But at the end of the day, great marketers are great marketers, no matter what they sell.

And sure we’re a billion dollar industry . . . but what about all those billion dollar companies out there?  What about the people that spend more on media in a month than we could spend in a year?

That’s why I try to look outside our industry for marketing ideas, trends, and lessons that I can apply to what we do.  And you should too.

Need a place to start?

Ad Age, the advertising/marketing world’s NY Times, just published their annual “Marketer A-List” which are their choices for “the Most Creative, Successful Companies of the Year.”

It includes an incredible cross section of different types of companies from CVS to Frozen to my fave,  Salesforce (which I’ve been using for years and promote in Raise It).

See how these companies are making impressions and making money here.

And then see what it inspires you to do.

You may not have as much money or as much market share . . . but you’re in a creative industry!  So I’d argue you can come up with something even cooler.

Just because someone has a bigger office doesn’t mean they have a bigger brain.

So let’s show them what we can do.

And maybe next year a Broadway show will be on this list.


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