If it’s good enough for Sharknado II . . .

My favorite NY slice place had a shark-infused spotlight thrown on it recently when it made an appearance in the highly anticipated sequel, Sharknado II.

How do I know?

Well it’s not because I watched Sharknado IIthat’s for sure.

It’s because the owners of said slice place, officially known as Famous Amadeus Pizza on 50th and 8th, put up a poster letting every passerby know.  See here:


(In case you can’t read the copy, it says, “Famous Film!  Famous Location!  Famous Pizza!”)

Regardless of what you think about the movie, this $1.50 slice joint is now much different than all the other $1.50 slice joints in a ten block radius, because it hosted a “major motion picture.”  If you’re a tourist, and you don’t know one slice place from another . . . and saw this poster on the window, wouldn’t you be intrigued?  Sure you would, because when you got back to Indiana or North Dakota or even New Jersey, you could tell your friends that you ate at a place where they filmed Sharknado II.  Or, if you ever actually watched it, and got to that part in the movie you could jump up and down and say, “I ate there!”  (Of course, no one would hear you, because no one would actually want to watch Sharknado II with you.)

It’s the ol” “Thomas Jefferson slept here,” marketing approach.

And it works.

Does your theater have any historical significance?  Have celebrities visited?  What about your show?   My favorite diner on the Upper West Side has a wall of headshots of its famous clients over the years.  Do you have a version of that for your show (your website is a great place for a celeb photo gallery)?

Social proof, or giving your potential audience members evidence that high-profile people (or sharks in this case) have sat in your seats, is one of the simplest of all marketing machines.

So find your show’s inner Sharknadoand let the world know about it.


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