Just who do you think you are?

Back in Mid-January, I asked all of you to take a survey about yourself and this blog with the promise that, like in previous years, I’d publish the results right here where you’re staring.

So are you ready to find out who, besides you, is reading the blog?  Where they’re from?  And whether they like what I have to say, or if they think I’m not the brightest bulb in the marquee.  And here’s a little extra feature.  Because this isn’t the first time we’ve surveyed all of you (we first did it back in ’08).

Here are the results to the Producer’s Perspective Survey!

Gender Male 57.10%
Female 42.9%
Age Under 18 1.4%
18-25 16.8%
26-30 12.3%
31-40 16.1%
41-50 20%
51-60 24.3%
61+ 8.9%
Do you work in the biz? Yes 75.7%
No 24.3%
What do you do in the biz? Actor/Dancer/Singer 12%
Administrative 11.2%
Director/Choreographer 10.9%
Musician 4.3%
Producer 19.1%
Stage Manager 4.4%
Student 5.3%
Writer 13.3%
Other 19.4%
If you don’t work in the biz what do you do? Education 20.8%
Business and Finance 12.9%
Media 10.9%
Office and Administrative 8.9%
Computer and Mathematical 6.9%
Legal 6.4%
Health Care 5.4%
Hospitality 5%
Government 4.5%
Customer Service 3.5%
Other 14.9%
Do you live in the US? Yes 89.3%
No 10.7%
What state? NY 50.2%
NJ 7.3%
CA 7.3%
FL 3.6%
IL 3%
CT 3%
PA 3%
TX 2.6%
MS 2.4%
GA 1.9%
How did you hear about the blog? Friend 31%
Internet Search 22.6%
Email 10.7%
Link on another site 9.4%
Twitter 4%
Facebook 3.4%
Other 15.5%
Are you an email subscriber? Yes 87.4%
No 12.6%
Length of posts Just right 82.4%
Too short 7.3%
Too long 10.3%
Agree or disagree with posts? Strongly Agree 24.1%
Agree 45.2%
Sometimes I agree 30.3%
Disagree 0.2%
Strongly disagree 0.2%


What’d you think?  Is it what you thought?

It wasn’t what I thought.  See, the funny thing about surveys is that you always, always, learn something.

That’s why I do them on the blog, in my company, and on every show I do . . . and you should too.  Not knowing your constituency and what they like and what they don’t is like trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning on the light.  You’re just going to make a mess of everything.

Survey now.  Survey often.   And then, and this is the most important part, implement action items based on the results.

I know that’s what I plan to do with the feedback you gave me.  And I hope you’ll keep reading as I try to make the blog an even better place for you.


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