The Broadway League Conference Day 3: You can’t build anything without a plan.

There were no panels today.  No keynotes.  And no lectures.

Why not?  Because it was time for all of us to take what we learned over the past few days and figure out what we wanted to focus on in the future.  It was time to help come up with a plan – a plan to make Broadway an even better place than it already is – for all of us and for all of you.

I’m not going to go into the details of what was discussed (although I think a few of my League member peers were afraid I would, as they watched me type-type-typing away at my seat – I was taking notes, guys!).  Not that there was anything that couldn’t be discussed here.  Still, sometimes people and companies and organizations need their privacy too.  They need to know they are in a safe and comfortable place.  Because that’s when they relax.  And that’s when people do their best work.  Don’t you?

But I will say that what I was reminded of today was how important it was for every show, every company, every family even, to have a plan on where they want to be in the next 1, 2, 5, or 10 years.  It’s essential that the people that make up that show, company, and family know what the leadership wants, what the members want, and that everyone comes to some consensus on where the finish line is.  Then it’s easy to come up with specific ways to get there.

For example . . . your family decides to go to Disney on vacation.

Now, you can discuss whether you plane, train or automobile your way to the Magic Kingdom.  But without agreeing on where you’re headed, everyone will scatter . . . or worse . . . not go anywhere.

I’m on a plane right now, heading to Orlando coincidentally, where my company is having its retreat over the next three days.  And thanks to Day 3 of this year’s Broadway League conference, you can bet your bippy that we’ll be talking about our plan.  Oh, and we’ll also be going to the Magic Kingdom and getting Mickey ears with our names on them.  (Stay tuned to Facebook for the photos.)

If you really want to know what was discussed at the conference, I suggest you join the League.  There are all sorts of membership levels available, and in addition to being a part of THE National Trade Org for the Broadway industry, there are tremendous networking and educational opportunities.  If you learned a few things on this blog these past few days, imagine what you’d learn at the actual event.  So join, and maybe I’ll see you at the Spring Road Conference.

I’ll be the one typing on my computer.


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