Performers- Freckleface Strawberry

WHO: Freckleface Strawberry, A Musical

SEEKING: [STRAWBERRY] female; Caucasian; great singer with an excellent, bright musical theatre/pop mix; extremely appealing, cute, smart and diminutive; hates her red hair and freckles; beautiful in her own way, extremely empathetic and a bit of a tomboy; preferably seeking an actress with red hair and freckles

[JANE/MOTHER/TEACHER] female; Caucasian; a warm soprano voice as MOTHER but also able to perform a hilarious faux rap number as TEACHER, also a strong mix belt; as JANE, a friendly, intelligent bookworm; she takes herself very seriously; intense for a girl of her age; marches to the beat of her own drum; believes she can practice telekinesis; as MOTHER, Strawberry’s mother; beautiful, maternal and tender; as TEACHER, fun, funny and creative; a free spirit; very cheerful and bit odd

[BALLET GIRL/FRANCINE] female; open ethnicity; a pop mix; a driven ballet dancer; a self involved, conceited, loner who secretly longs for a friend; comes off as a bit of a snob but is actually quite insecure; a true comedienne; must be skilled in ballet technique; Pointe work a plus

[DANNY/BABY BROTHER/FRANKIE] male; open ethnicity except African American; Broadway pop bari-tenor; popular jock; goofy but also extremely charming and good looking; he loves to be the center of attention

[JAKE/FREDO] male; Asian; strong pop tenor sound; Strawberry’s best friend; very smart and very sensitive; a brainiac

[HARRY/DON FONTAINE] male; African American; strong gospel tenor; strong singer/dancer; cute, childish (baby-face) and stocky but not unfit; he is full of life and has great comic timing

[EMILY] female; open ethnicity; 1960s pop belter; strong singer/dancer; endearingly ditzy;
beautiful, popular and confident; a magnet; she’s got a big crush on Danny

WHEN: Auditions by appointment ONLY will be held in New York on September 20th and 21st with callbacks on September 23rd. Rehearsals being on October 17th towards an opening of November 8th, at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, and closing in January with a possible extension and tour in the spring.

PAY: $300 for a 5 show week (minimum), $60 for each additional show in a week

HOW TO APPLY: Submit photo and resume to

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