Pin this! Pinterest takes off – can you benefit?


You don’t know what Pinterest is?  Hmmmm, what’s the best way to describe it.

How about this:

Pinterest is . . . the 16th highest trafficked website in the US.

Got your attention yet?

And, just like I bet that Twitter would take off back in 2008 (for fun, read that post – I liked to say the word “twit” instead of “tweet” – hey it was 2008!), I’m predicting that Pinterest will move up that list a few more notches before this year is up.

Just check out this hockey stick of a growth curve over the last six months.  Talk about a tipping point!

So seriously, what is Pinterest and how can you use it for your show?

Pinterest is . . . an electronic bulletin board.  It’s e-scrapbooking. Or the inside of an e-locker.

It’s a place where you e.jpgn pictures of things you love.

You grab photos from anywhere on the web of anything on the web, and you just put them up on your page. And then other people cruise your pages, comment on them, repin your pix, and . . . that’s it.

And, here’s why it’s something that theatrical marketers need to pay attention to . . . the primary user of Pinterest is (and I’d almost say “only” user of Pinterest) . . . is female.

It’s loved by women, lots and lots of women.  Users are younger than the traditional theatergoer, of course, but give it some time.

Lots of wedding pages, lots of fashion pages, food pages, and more.

So Pinterest is gonna be huge(r).

But the concept of why it’s going to be even bigger is even more interesting.  Follow this path of our consumption of content.

We started with articles . . . then we went to blogs, which were a bit shorter . . . then we went to even shorter tweets . . . and now, it seems, that we’re going to simply . . . images.  We don’t even want to read a thing to understand who/what we’re looking at it. We just want to get it. Instantly.

Shocking, isn’t it?  A little scary, maybe.  I mean what comes next?

Check out Pinterest here.  In typical early adopter fashion, you need to “apply” for a page.  But soon enough everyone will be able to get one.  And then Pinterest’s traffic will really take off (and I’d imagine Facebook is already figuring out to how to incorporate the concept of image-only into their network).

How do you use Pinterst for your show?

Check out tomorrow’s post.

But before that . . . let’s take a little poll?  Comment below if you already knew about Pinterest before this post?  And let us all know if you have a page!


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