Play the Virtual Broadway Investment game today! Win an iPhone!

Fantasy baseball, fantasy poker, fantasy stock market . . . why not fantasy Broadway!

We’re all going to play a simple game called Will It Recoup?, to give us all a chance to get in on the Broadway investing and Broadway producing game, without risking a dime.

And yep, we’re giving away another iPhone (rumors are that there may even be a new one coming out by the time this contest is up!)

Here’s how it works:

Clicking on the link below will take you to a survey asking you the simple question of whether or not a play that is opening between now and the ’09 Tony Awards cutoff will recoup or not (we’re only playing with the commercial plays because we’ll have a answer as to whether or not they recoup quicker than the musicals).

Before you answer, imagine that you are putting $10,000 into each show that you think will recoup.  Unfortunately we don’t have the budgets for you to look at, so you’re going to have to make your “will it” judgement based on the plays themselves, the casts, and your gut rather than the financials.  Think of it like an actual investment, and do as much research as you can.

Will you come out profitable?

(It would be super cool if we could see which shows end up being the MOST profitable, but unlike stock market and baseball scores, those statistics are pretty secret, whereas a show recouping is usually announced with the tact of Patti Lupone or Christian Bale when someone does something they don’t like.  And if it isn’t announced, I’ll find out – trust me.)

So pick the recoupers, and the person who picks the most wins the iPhone (there’s a tie-breaker question on the survey as well).

This is gonna be a longer contest, with a tentative end date of 9/1/09, but I’ll give updates as we go as shows open and go.

The game is open for 7 days!


Some more rules:

– All entrants must be email subscribers to the blog so I can validate your entry.  If you are not an email subscriber, please subscribe by putting your email in the box to the left of this entry.  And the email you subscribe with, must match the email you enter in the survey.
– One entry per reader
– Recoupment must occur during the Broadway run to count as a recouped show.

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