Podcast Episode #33: A ‘smash’ of a writer, Theresa Rebeck!

In the time it took me to write this blog post, Theresa Rebeck probably finished another play.

And I’d bet you my blog subscribers, it’s a good one.

Theresa Rebeck is one of the most prolific writers we have in our business.  And I don’t just mean the business of Broadway.  I mean in the entire business we call show!  See, Ms. Rebeck is one of those few writers who writes for the stage, the screen, the small screen, the novel . . . and I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me she wrote some supreme court decisions and greeting cards in her spare time.

So tune in to hear the writer of Seminar and Smash talk about . . .

  • How the heck she writes so much and where she gets her ideas.
  • The differences between writing for the Stage and the Screen, and how she switches hats in an instant.
  • What happened with Smash, and could we ever see another Broadway-themed TV show?
  • How she and I became friends, and why that’s important to your career.
  • What all young writers should be doing.

. . . and a heck of a lot more . . . because we packed a lot of stuff into this 30 minute podcast, which is punctuated with Theresa’s infectious positivity and incredible passion for what she does.

Enjoy Theresa!

(Oh, and one production note – Theresa and I recorded this podcast over Skype, like the fancy-techno-geeks we are, so you’ll notice that she doesn’t sound like she is in the same room as me.  Because she wasn’t.  She was in Vermont.  Where she probably finished three plays, two movies, and a research paper on early Hungarian cabinetmaking.)

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