The Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2021.

This is one of my favorite posts of the year.  It forces me to go back and look at everything I’ve written over the past 12 months . . . and see what e-tickled your theatrical fancy.

And every year, the results are the same . . . the posts that I thought would appear on the list, are NOT what appear on the list.

That’s show biz.  Just like reality TV . . . the audience decides who wins. 🙂

It is a reminder, no matter what you are, a Blogger, a Painter, or a Producer, your fate is in your audience’s hands.  So, rather than obsess about what you think is going to work or what you think isn’t going to work, it’s best to keep doing the work.  And eventually you’ll hit.  

And so, here are NOT my Top 10 favorite blogs of the last 12 months . . . but . . .

The Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2021

  1. 100 Quotes Every Theater Producer, Playwright, Director, Actor, Etc Must Read
  2. The New Reality TV Show About Producing . . . That I’m Producing!
  3. Top 100 Theater Books Every TheaterMaker Should Read
  4. The World Premiere of the Neil Diamond Musical Will Be . . .
  5. What Bridgerton On TikTok Means For The Future of Musical Theater Writers
  6. 3 Reasons Why Crowdfunding Did NOT Take Off on Broadway 
  7. Will Broadway Come Back To Fewer Shows Per Week?
  8. My Perspective (!) On The Actors Equity Protocols For Opening Theaters For Producers
  9. The Five Phases of Broadway’s Return (And What To Watch For)
  10. What NYC’s Plan to Market To Tourists Means To Me


Now, what posts will you like and what posts will you hate in 2022?

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