The Top 10 Most Read of MY Newsletters In 2023

This is one of my favorite posts of the year. It forces me to go back and look at everything I’ve written over the past 12 months . . . and see what e-tickled your theatrical fancy.

And every year, the results are the same . . . the posts that I thought would appear on the list, are NOT what appear on the list.

It is a reminder, no matter what you are, a TikToker, a Writer, or a Producer, your fate is in your audience’s hands. So, rather than obsess about what you think is going to work or what you think isn’t going to work, it’s best to just keep doing the work. And eventually you’ll hit. And then, you try to do more of THAT.

And so, here are not MY Top 10 favorite newsletters of the last 12 months . . . but rather yours:

The Top 10 Most Read Newsletters of 2023

  1. My #1 Takeaway From The 2023 Tony Awards
  2. 3 Things Standing In The Way of Audiences Seeing More Broadway Shows
  3. Our Audience’s Habits Changed, Should Our Schedule?
  4. My 10 Favorite Broadway Moments in 2023
  5. [Case Study] The Thursday Matinees At A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical
  6. Why I’m Producing Harmony By Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman
  7. Our Harmony Rush: 18 Tickets for $18. But Why?
  8. Why All-In Ticket Pricing Could Give The Theater a Bad Name
  9. Why We Should Stop Talking About %s
  10. This Was Just Released… And Why.

As a data-driven guy, I was also curious what my top performing social posts were for 2023. Do they match up with the above newsletters? What are the similarities? What are the differences?

The Top 10 Most Engaged Social Posts of 2023

  1. Harmony Hanukkah Reel (12/7)
  2. Will Swenson Final Bow Reel (10/30)
  3. Robyn Hurder Final Bow Reel (12/18)
  4. Harmony Cast Album Preorder Reel (8/16)
  5. Gutenberg Ticket Photo (9/16)
  6. #TBT Final Spring Awakening Reel (8/24)
  7. Godspell Marketing Monday (10/2)
  8. A Beautiful Noise First Thursday Matinee Reel (9/7)
  9. Introducing Broadway Cast of Harmony (8/14)
  10. McKenna working on Annie song Reel (12/7)

Quite a difference, wouldn’t you say?

What’s your takeaway from the difference between what people enjoy on social media and what people enjoy in email?

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