Three things we can learn from THAT wedding video.

If you haven’t seen Jill & Kevin’s wedding video, then you’re one of the few (I posted it below).  The “Video Seen ‘Round The World” has now been viewed by almost 18 million people.  In fact, it was so popular, it got protestors!  (You know you’ve made it, when people start criticizing you.)

But why did it go from something that they did for fun, to a global phenomenon?

Here are three reasons why this viral video was so successful:


At the end of the day (literally), people want a good time.  Most people’s lives are filled with stress, anxiety, and more.  Watching a whole bunch of people have a good time is a good time.  The energy and fun is contagious.


No matter how many failed marriages we hear about, or how many affairs are touted in the tabloids, deep down, we’re still a sucker for a good love story. We want to believe that it’s still possible for two people to belong together. Nothing says that like a wedding, where the bride and groom look like they’re having the time of their lives.


We all know how weddings are supposed to go.  They have a format.  Most of them are formal to some extent.  It’s a serious matter dedicating yourself to another person for the rest of your life, so it should be done with a certain tone, right?  Well, here comes Jill and Kevin dancin’ down the aisle doing something we were totally not expecting.  By blasting convention, they surprised us, and made their wedding unique and remarkable, and unlike any other in the world.

So those are the three reasons why Mamma Mia is so successful.

Oh wait, I was talking about a viral video. Or was I? Wait a second.  Mamma Mia is all about fun, with romance at its core, and unexpected songs telling its story.   Huh.  Look at that.

The above three characteristics are why the video (and Mamma Mia) were successful, yes, but also why it was entertaining.  And the proper ingredients to entertainment can be applied across platforms to videos, sitcoms,  and yep, shows.  Does your show have these elements?

Don’t get me a wrong.  There are other ways to entertain people, but by the look at the number of views on that video, and of the number of people that have seen Mamma Mia, it may be that these characteristics are the way to entertain the most people.

Oh, and the other reason why this video became a phenomenon?  They didn’t try to make it one.  They just made it.

The audience took care of the rest.

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