Trivia Time: What’s the second largest search engine on the web?


Got an answer?

I guess we should start with the obvious . . . the #1 search engine on the web is the Google-meister.

But #2?

Yahoo?  Bing?  AOL?

Nope.  Wrong.  And BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh AOL, you’re like the Lindsay Lohan of ISPs.  At one point, there was so much promise.  Now you’re just a mess.

Anyway, back to the trivia.

The #2 search engine on the web is . . . YouTube.  (And yeah, if you’re keeping track – Google owns YouTube, so they’ve got the #1 and #2 spots locked up . . . don’t think they’re going to Lohan anytime soon.)

YouTube is no longer just a place to see funny cat videos or “people falling down.”  It’s a place to hear and see music, get fashion advice, and learn about how to do anything from getting six-pack abs to making a perfect putt to rocking your audition.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

If you’re not using video to market your show or yourself, you’re late to the party . . . and you’re in a t-shirt when it was black tie.

Get this: according to recent studies and projections, in 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

So you gotta get there . . .

Your ad agency will tell you these same things . . . to justify why you need to advertise on YouTube.

But I’m talking more than that.  You don’t just want ads.  And you don’t just want clips from your show.  Anyone can do that.

You want content.  Unique content.  Content that gives people insight . . . content that gives people answers that they are looking for, because that’s why people go to search engines, right?

Why do you go to Google?  Because you need to know something.  An address, a review of a show, what the heck that rash way down below really is (sorry, that was a Lindsay Lohan searched phrase).

That’s a huge reason why people go to YouTube as well.  They just get the answers in a different form.  And they like that form . . . to the tune of that 69% of traffic.  And I expect it to grow beyond that in 2018 and beyond.

So make sure you and your show grow with it.


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