What the location of your reading says about your show.

The age ol’ real estate adage of “Location, Location, Location,” doesn’t just apply to real estate investing.

It’s also one of the most important decisions producers have to make when putting up a reading of a show in NYC.

That’s why one of the biggest mistakes producers can make is to just let their General Managers pick any spot that’s available, just because it’s available, or worse, just because it’s cheap!  (Producing isn’t always about saving money . . . it’s knowing when to save AND when to spend.)

A reading, especially a first reading, is a show’s debutante ball, and it’s important that the location of that ball be consistent with that young lady you’re presenting to the world.  Because where you put your reading tells your audience so much about your show including:

  • Where it is in the developmental process.
  • The tone and style of the show.
  • Where you want to go next.
  • The state of the financing/power of the Producers.
  • The type of people you want to attend.

And a lot more.

To continue with the “debutante ball” metaphor, if you got an invite to a ball or any party-like event, wouldn’t you first look at the location?  And wouldn’t you make a judgment on what kind of party it was?  And then, based on where that location was, wouldn’t you immediately start to figure out if it was something you could attend . . . before you even thought about what the party would be like?

Location, location, location.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that you have to produce your readings at only the best spaces in town, and spend the most money.  For some shows (I can give you five examples of mine), that’s the OPPOSITE of what you want to do.  For other shows (I can give you another five examples of mine), that’s exactly what you HAVE to do.

It’s an important decision that requires a great deal of strategy.  And make a mistake, and you could find yourself sliding back down the mountain, instead of getting to the next ridge.

If you want to learn more about how to pick the right location for your reading, as well, as more essential “Dos and Don’ts” of producing a reading, then join me on my webinar next Wednesday, April 12th at 7 PM EST where we’ll talk specifically about this issue, and tons more, including:

  • How much to spend on readings, and how to get more for your money.
  • When is the best time for presentations in order to get the most producers to attend?  (Season?  Day?  TIME OF DAY?  So many decisions.)
  • Should I stage or should I not.
  • The extras every reading should have, that most don’t.
  • How to make sure MORE people attend.

And lots more including a Q&A at the end, where you can ask me anything.

You can sign up for the webinar here.

It’s $149, or free when you join TheProducersPerspectivePRO for only $97.  So you save over $50 when you join PRO, and get everything else that PRO has to offer, including my newsletter, exclusive articles, and 50+ hours of other webinars including last months, which also had to do with readings, How To Get Producers To See Your Show.

Speaking of that webinar . . . our webinar software has a maximum number of participants.  We have never come close to maxing out  . . . before last month.  Producing readings is obviously an important issue for all of you. So a word of warning that if you’re interested in this one, sign up now, in case it does fill up.  First priority goes to those PRO members.

Here are the details:

“The Dos and Don’ts of Producing a Reading”
Wednesday, April 12th at 7 PM
Learn more and register here.

Can’t make it next Wed?  You can still sign up and we’ll send you the file the next day to take on your on time.  We call it DavenportOnDemand.

See you then. And good luck with your reading.

– – – – –

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