Where to start if you want to study the performing arts.

Some of the coolest cold emails I get are from high school students all over the country, asking me for advice on where to go and what to study in college if they want to work on Broadway someday.

I pitch my alma mater first (duh) and then some of my other faves . . . and then spit out my usual advice of trying to be close to the city if you can, because getting acclimated to the business and NYC-life while you’re still under the umbrella of an institution is what gave me a head start over my not-so-local peers.

But I always wished I could point the students (or their parents) to some kind of online directory that could help guide them through what I know is a difficult (and expensive) process.

And then poof . . . like magic . . . here comes Playbill with PlaybillEdu.com.

Playbill has been expanding faster than a cronut-eater these days, having already given us PlaybillPro, PlaybillVIP and my fave, PlaybillVault.com in the last two years.

But PlaybillEdu may not only get them the most page views of them all, it could also be their most significant contribution to the theatre since they first introduced their program in the early 1900s.

By providing students, parents and college counselors a one stop shop to get all the info they need to find the right college for their future actor/writer/producer, they are helping to funnel more people into our business.  And more people, means more talent.  And more talent means better shows, which means happier audiences, which means the theater’s future is safe and sound.

Check it out here, and spread the word.  I’m sure you know someone thinking about a career in the biz.  And look, working on Broadway is hard enough.   There’s no reason why selecting a training program should be harder.


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