Why shows buy billboards in Times Square.

Who doesn’t love an infographic?

You know what an infographic is, right?  They’re those cool cartoony-lookin’ squares of statistics on a certain subject that give you gobs of info in a glance.

The smarty-marketing folks over at Adweek put together an awesome IG last week that is applicable to everyone who advertises on billboards in Times Square, whether you’re Coca-Cola or Chicago.

The graphic details all sorts of interesting information about why billboards are still such an important tool in the fight for a consumer’s dollar like:

  • 60% of the visitors to Times Square spend more than 5 minutes looking at a billboard.
  • 57% of visitors shared their Times Square experience through at least one social network.
  • 89% of visitors said that “only the best brands advertise in Times Square.”

The above are just a few of the tidbits gleaned from this infographic that explains why these billboards can cost $10k or more per week.  And they are worth it (especially the ones that face that TKTS booth).

Of course, a visitor to Times Square that sees a Coke billboard can carry that impression home with him and buy a Coke locally.  The same guy that sees a Chicago billboard?  Well, Chicago has got just a couple days to get his money.   And that makes our billboards even more expensive than other ubiquitous brands – because Broadway can only be consumed in one place – Times Square.

Take a second and click on over to Adweek to see the full infographic.  It’s not as big as a billboard, but it may actually be more valuable.

See the infographic here.


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