You asked for this “revival” so I’m bringing it back . . . next week!

One of my most popular productions of the last year wasn’t a show. It was when I took my original and always sold-out-seminar, Get Your Show Off The Ground, and put it online!

I get about an email a week from folks asking us to do it again, so next Wednesday at 7 PM EDT, we’re doing just that. Prepare ye for the revival of Get Your Show Off The Ground – Online!  

If you aren’t familiar with Get Your Show Off The Ground, which I modeled after a several thousand dollar seminar I took taught by Seth Godin, here’s how it works:

Five Participants will each get a chance to pitch their show to me and talk to me about whatever obstacles they are experiencing that are preventing them from getting their show/career/idea/whatever to the next level.  I’ll brainstorm with them on the spot and give them a specific action plan to help bust through that obstacle faster than they could on their own.

The other Participants, and all the Auditors (yep, there are two ways to join this online seminar so keep reading), all benefit from hearing me discuss the other Participants’ issues.  This way, in the course of the hour and a half, we get a variety of projects with a variety of problems . . . and a whole ton of solutions.

Some of the challenges I’ve helped folks with in the past have been . . .

  • Money raising
  • How to build a creative team
  • The pros and cons of readings
  • When to get a Director
  • And yep, more money raising

And because it’s online, anyone can take it no matter where they are in the world!

Of course, after all the Participants get their chance to “go,” I’ll open up the online floor to questions . . . about anything.

Want to be a Participant?

So here’s the thing.  I told you that I get an email a week about this seminar . . . and as soon as we put this on our seminar list, we sold two Participant slots immediately.  That means there are only three left.

The Participant slots are $250, but because you’re a blog reader, I’m going to drop it down to $197.  Click here to reserve your spot now, and use code:  GROUND to save.  I expect these three spots to go quickly, so get yours now.

Want to be an Auditor?  Those spots are only $25, and you can listen in to all five presentations, and apply everything you hear to your own show.  Listen in here.

And if you aren’t available on Wednesday, June 29th at 7 PM EDT, no worries. Get an Audit spot anyway, and I’ll email you a recording of the seminar.

Remember, my life’s mission statement is to get more theater in the world, which means helping you the best I can to get your show off the ground.  If I don’t help you do that on this seminar, you won’t pay.  In other words, this seminar = guaranteed.

Here are the deets:

Get Your Show Off The Ground – Online
Wednesday, June 29th
7:00 – 8:30ish PM EDT

Get one of the five Participant slots by clicking here.

Get an Audit spot by clicking here.

There are only 7 days left before the seminar, so sign up now!

WAIT!  Are you in LA?  I’m teaching a LIVE version of Get Your Show Off The Ground in La-La land.  Here are the details for that.

Get Your Show Off The Ground – LA!
Saturday, July 16th
3 PM – 6 PM
Place TBD

Click here and use code:  GROUND to get one of the four spots left in the LA Live Seminar.

Confused?  I am . . . so let me sum it up for both of us again:

  • Get a Participant slot in the June 29th online GYSOG here.  Use code GROUND to save $53.  ONLY THREE REMAIN.
  • Get an Audit slot in the June 29th online GYSOG here.
  • Get Get a Participant slot in the July 16th LA GYSOG here.  Use code GROUND to save $53.  ONLY FOUR REMAIN.  (No Audits available for live seminars.)


(Got a comment? I love ‘em, so comment below! Email Subscribers, click here then scroll down to say what’s on your mind!)

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– Need help Getting Your Show Off the Ground? Sign up for my online seminar on 6/29! Click here to reserve your spot now, and to save use code: GROUND. Click here to purchase an audit spot.

– Win two tickets to White Rabbit Red Rabbit Off-Broadway!  Click here.

– Get everything you need to help get your show off the ground when you join TheProducersPerspectivePro for free.  Join the club today.


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