Advice from an expert: Vol. IV. A ‘wicked’ good investor speaks

Do you ever find yourself cruising the Bway grosses and
trying to calculate the weekly profit of Wicked? And then do you ever wonder who the lucky
Mother Ozers are that invested in The Green Machine?

Well, I found one sitting in the corner of Angus, waiting
for his helicopter to take him to the Hamptons and trying to decide between a
new Ferrari or a yacht.

Ok, I exaggerate. He wasn’t at Angus.

When I asked him what it was like to be in in such a
monster, he said, not surprisingly, that before he started receiving his
almost-set-your- rolex-by-them monthly profit distributions on Wicked, he had
lost a lot of money in quite a few flops.

He was a reader of my blog, so he knew my affinity for
baseball analogies, which is why he
smiled when be said . . .

“But investing in the theater isn’t about having a
high batting average. It’s about having
a high slugging percentage. I would much rather strike out
twice and then hit a home run, than get three base hits.”

He paid for dinner.

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